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Completed the printed UK expansions or based elsewhere? Then get these Digital Question Packs with brand new questions! After you buy, you'll get an email with a PDF download. Perfect for virtual games nights on Zoom or Skype!


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From the top speed of a jet ski to Taylor Swift's net worth, this pack contains a delicious mix of 30 compelling questions. They're globally relevant with answers in imperial and metric. For ages 11+.


Please note: Only 1 pack available for now, so don't buy more than 1!



How long can Jon hold his breath for? How quickly can Beth text? You guess with a range, then they have to do it! Win points if your guess is right, but they get points if they beat it. 40 physical and mental challenges for ages 8+. How it works


From the age of the oldest bungee jumper to the angle of the Pyramids, this pack contains 30 questions to captivate the whole family! They're globally relevant with answers in imperial and metric. For ages 8+


This uncensored pack is for adults only, with 30 inappropriate questions about one-night-stands, body parts, gambling, alcohol and curse words! Guaranteed to spark risqué late night convos. For ages 18+ only


30 cwestiwn am Gymru, o natur a hanes i ddaearyddiaeth, chwaraeon ac enwogion. Oedrannau 10+

30 questions about Wales, from nature and history to geography, sport and celebrities. Ages 10+


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