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Confident? Now it's personal

 Spice up your next game of CONFIDENT? with personal questions

🥳 The questions are all about you, your family and friends

💬 Guaranteed conversation starter

🙊 You never know what you'll learn about each other - prompts unheard stories

🚀 For 3+ players, easy and quick to play, anyone can win

Out of stock -Available digitally:

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This is the PERSONAL EXPANSION for the hit family party game - instead of trivia questions, you answer questions about each other!

One person reads out a question and then secretly writes down their honest answer which the other players try to guess with a range.

Never run out of questions - answers are different every time!



  • Expand CONFIDENT? with over 200 new questions

  • Take turns to answer questions, which the other players try to guess

  • Best played with CONFIDENT? the original board game and components

  • Ages 11+ suggested but younger can play

  • Learn in 2 mins, play in 30

  • 3 to 6 players or teams - up to 30 people

  • A top game that's popular with kids & adults alike

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Comes with:

Over 200 questions and a rules card explaining how to score points

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Confident Mini Game

Expansion Pack of Trivia Questions


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