OVERCONFIDENT? is a version of the game where you only need the question cards to play! It's helpful to understand the core game before playing this version where players​ 'bid' for the chance to guess a range:


Read out a question

Such as "how many days does a chicken egg take to hatch?"

Such as, "how many people have been on the moon?"


Read out a question

Pick a player to go first. They must BID a range SIZE they think they can get the answer inside. For instance, "I think I can get the answer within a range SIZE of 10 people"


Make the first BID

Play moves clockwise to the next player. They can either beat the previous bid with a lower range SIZE, or pass. If they pass, then they're out of the game for the question


Keep bidding or pass


Find the most confident player

Keep bidding until there is a bid that every other player passes, or there is a bid with a range SIZE of 0 (i.e. an exact answer)

They come up with an actual range based on their range SIZE. For instance, if they won the bidding with a range SIZE of 3, they could go for "9 to 12 people"


The most confident player picks their range


Read out the answer and score points

If the correct answer is inside their range or equal to the top or bottom of their range, then that player wins the question and gets a point! For instance, here the correct answer is 12!

But if they were OVERCONFIDENT, they lose a point (negative points are allowed)



Keep answering questions and the first player to 5 points wins!

Thanks to Greg George for coining the name for this version!

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