OPTION 1: Play the game with the normal rules. The person that gets 3 points nominates someone to do a shot. Anyone who doesn't get the answer in their range has to do 2 fingers. If no one gets it within their range, then everyone has to do a shot


option 2: Play our travel version "OvERCONFIDENT?" where you bid to get the smallest range. If the most confident player gets it right, they nominate someone else to do a shot. But, if they get it wrong, then they have to do a shot!

 These variations can be enjoyed with non-alcoholic beverages, or exchanging drinking for forfeits. If played with alcohol, then these versions are for adults over 18 years old only (UK rules, other restrictions may apply). Drink responsibly and in moderation. We do not advocate underage or excessive alcohol consumption. Learn more about alcohol and its effects 

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